I have read alot on these pages about selling property but keeping gas rites, Is there a definate page where i may be referred to?

We are receiving royalties, at present time

It seems like a spiderweb of selling just property with gas rights, then theres surface gas rights, or just sell the property and keep above and below rights.

And has anyone used the Susquehanna gas lawyers out of Montrose?

Thank you

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Mary, dividing the property into surface rights and sub surface rights is very common in western Pa.  You should contact a local attorney if they done these types of deeds and proceed when you are sure they satisfied you of their knowledge and expertise.  I have recently seen properties for sale in the susquehanna county area currently being offered with NO mineral rights.  Good Luck

Hello Mike -  I'm also from Susquehanna County and thinking about selling my 30 acres/house without mineral rights.   Sounds like your from the western PA area.  To your knowledge is it hard/impossible for the buyer to get a mortgage if they are purchasing a property without mineral rights? 

Hi Finn. We are in a similar situation to you...looking to sell with 30 acres/house without mineral rights. Prior to listing we spoke with our mortgage broker regarding financing for potential buyers...there are lenders who will lend & our listing agent said they also knew lenders. Good luck!

Thanks Mike.  Best of luck with selling your property.  Good to know there are lenders out there willing to work with this situation.  We haven't listed our property yet but are looking to do so soon.

If you know of lenders who will lend without the O & G rights please post them. As far as I know there are no local lenders currently who will.

Thank you.

Hi Chip. We were dealing with a mortgage lender Lisa Perta from Guaranteed Rate(570.819.0780). She had contacted lenders who would lend without O&G rights. Hope that helps!

Thank you! It does!

I am also looking to sell a property in Thompson Pa but with the gas rights and would like to find out which attorney is recommended.

I would recommend Doug Clark.

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the reply and Merry Christmas. :-) Do you know any Realtors in the area? I am considering selling with the gas rights. The property is located in Thompson Pa on six acres. If you know of a realtor (or sites where I could list it) and can forward my email to them it would be appreciated. It's boejr@aol.com or give them my cell 908-616-0279



Hi Julia.

Merry Christmas! I would recommend Lori Jewett from Lewith & Freeman. You can reach her at 570.498.0042 or ljewett@lewith-freeman.com
I will also be happy to pass your contact info on to her.

Good luck!

Melissa Selenski


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