We have been approached to purchase our OGM, with what it seems to be decent offer.  Please advice other amounts people have been offered and/or accepted?  We are located in Tioga County, PA. 

We mostly likely will not sell the OGM, we are young and can wait for the potential royalties.  Thanks!

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Do you mind sharing the amount you've been offered, with whom, and location in Tioga?

Travis Peak is offering 2,000.00 per acre in their proposed lease, but the contract is loaded with deduction crap. Our minerals are located in Westfield.  You really need to consider having a lawyer check over your offer because the tricky wording will cost you if you don't.

How long ago did you receive the above offer?  I know of folks who did considerably better with Travis Peak and fairly close to you!  Even the fine print was agreeable.

Southwestern offered us a $500/acre, 15% royalty lease for our 40 acres in Morris twp.  They seem to be pretty active between Morris and Liberty.

That what Keven posted is the same SWEPI offered last year about this time, Seems like they have the area locked down. Make sure you have an attorny look at your lease before you sign and address any of your concerns in addendums.

Also use caution in selling your OGM, Once you sell - they are gone and you may not get any royalties. You want to "Lease" with a reputable company

I live in Wayne county WV, called one of those  businesses looking to buy mineral rights, all i was offered for 10 acres I own was 1000....NO thank you!

I was offered 2000 per acre in Clymer Twp Tioga County...........I said no thank you perhaps 20K an acre I might consider it...............

I just reupped with shell and my offer was for mineral rights

some goofball offered to outright buy mineral rights

I renewed my lease with Shell

not off hand I have had 3 in the last month

We had $200,750  offered for our mineral rights last spring. We used his letter offering this amount to light our kitchen cook stove. We had other offers to discuss our mineral rights with no dollar amount mentioned. These were also used to start our kitchen cook stove fires.

Bill L


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