Anyone hear terms on the the Dominion Auction?

Looks like from recent filings, Travis Peak is your winner!

They just permitted a well in Westfield township.  And so it begins...........

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I assume the proposed surveyor legislation applied primarily to pipelines.  But it wouldn't be much of a stretch to consider shot hole placement as "surveying".   Couldn't drill the holes, but could operate vehicles on ones land without permission.  
My problem with a driveway(s) I hadn't approved is that it would create access for trespassers.  
I dn't say that the seismic "clause" in a lease was unreasonable.   My point was that some third-party seismic may be in violation of leases.    

Well, Ann

I did read the proposed survey access legislation and I'm not seeing an opening to run seismic in there.  Course the way things are today I guess anything is possible.

I didn't think of the pipeline aspect, and I'm really glad you raised that point.  I hope you are wrong but you easily could be right on that one.  It's scary.  Landowners who have not agreed to a pipeline across their property should not be forced to allow trespass to facilitate a pipeline they do not want!!!  That's nuts!!

Regarding the driveway thing, you're right, but the gas company is going to need to be able to conduct their operations.  So that's a tough one.

Finally, I agree third party seismic NOT ordered by your Lessee should remain squarely within control of the landowner.  I think Lessors need to monitor carefully how their lease is worded on that one.

Altogether a bunch of interesting issues here, Ann.

As I indicated, the law wouldn't cover drilling the shot holes and planting the explosives.  However, "The seismic survey is one form of geophysical survey ...."  (See Google for this and similar definitions of a seismic study as a form of a survey.  It's more straight-forward than I realized.)

Sure, if a landowner has leased or otherwise tranferred surface rights, then the lessee needs reasonable access.  But say the gasco does some work toward a pad, but decides to drop the lease.  That driveway probably survives the lease.  How to get rid of it if it's not in the landowners name?

A study I'd like to see done is how predictive seismic surverys are of the quantity of gas a well will produce.  Predictive of dry/wet/oil ratio?  How cost effective (in $$ and time) are different levels of seismic?    

Some of it is done for a specific developer interested in the area.  And some is done by seismic companies with the expectation  they'll be able to sell the results to interested developers. 


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