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Could be that water from river is too low to supply the tank pad or maybe the tank pad pump to impoundment has much bigger capacity.

Pipeline as of yesterday is still not connected across Broughton Hollow road.  Maybe a "Silent" pump is not available to boost water to Painter well site yet.  "Silent" pump would have to be powered by electricity I would surmise.  Neighbor who lives only a hundred yards from pump site complained about the noise Cardinal pump made last year.  This year pipeline is much bigger in diameter and was not  ridged  like Cardinal had installed.

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Seems to take forever for various contractors to get a complicated job like well drilling finished and in to production.  Prospects look pretty good for the Flat Castle project however!

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Booster pump at Broughton hollow road crossing to Painter well has also been installed this morning by Tetra.  A crew was working spreading straw along pipeline. Pump appears much bigger then the one Cardinal had last year.

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We drove by the pipeline crossing this morning just before 11:00 am.  Pipe has now expanded to full diameter. So water must be flowing to P. well now. Long time in coming it seems!

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They may have to fix the road as it is rapidly deteriorating. we just heard a heavy truck rumbling up the road toward P gaswell ROW. Too many trees and brushy growth to see what it was. Will be watching for additional activity.

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Soon after I posted the comment about the potholes, Lu and I had to leave for a couple of hours. At the end of our drive is our mailbox. I stopped at the box. Before I could start away from the box, A truck approached us. I waited til it passed by. Driver stopped. He came back to tell us they were patching potholes,  We talked a minute or so.  then we went on.  On the way back Lu and I decided to detour up past the impoundment.  We had no sooner started up the hill when a string of trucks, a couple of vans...Altogether six or seven vehicles followed us up the hill. We pulled over and let them pass as we were in no hurry.  All of these vehicles pulled in at the impoundment ROW  and waited til the lead driver unlocked the gate. 

Hawbacker did indeed resurface much of Broughton Hollow road. But they stopped about a half mile short of P Well entrance ROW.   The boss man was at a loss as to why they did not have work orders to resurface  from rte 49 to ROW.

Now the impound area.

Large 18 wheeler trucks would have a couple of steep hills and difficult curves to make as well as trying to turning in Westfield off of route 49 to the impoundment.

Even going to Crance Brook and up that way would prove to be difficult because of hill climbing and a short turn to the right and another awkward hill to climb to the impoundment. 

Better to go to Sabinsville and thence to the impoundment and avoid these hills.....Only two mild curves to get around.  Granted that road is narrow and  was rutty in several places.  Possibly Clymer was responsible for that section of the road. At one time I was on the work crew plowing snow and maintaining parts of this road. But we never did anything on this section.  Presumebly it was not Westfield township's responsibility to maintain.

However large fist sized rocks were spread in certain areas and rolled in. Later finer gravel had been spread in these areas.  This area is still narrow and two large trucks would be hard pressed to to pass each other safely!

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Yes I am aware that the road past Wilda's place was bonded. I knew her very well up until about 1984.  But that is another story! No one knew that anyone lived there and the dust got to be intolerable for her.  Her daughter told her to make a complaint about it and Wilda did.  Until the gas well boom came along, traffic was practically non existent on that  section of the road.  Narrow, rutty and nearly impassable in wet weather! No ditches either

Good to have eyes looking on I think.  Major complaints concerning safety can be addressed promptly!

Best to keep good rapport with residents if possible.

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Today is the 17 of July. Fracking is supposedly taking place now or very soon. Lu and I just pulled in our drive way a few minutes ago. An 18 wheeler "Drag ass'" (my description of these tanker trucks), moving up toward the Painter well access road.

Also a sweeper tractor is sweeping dirt and gravel back into both edges of Broughton hollow where heavy rain storms had washed it on to the pavement. Ruts nearly a foot deep washed right off the edges of the pavement.
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