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they do frack in what is called stages and plug as they back out of each stage. i believe Eclipse is using about 200' stage spacing. the plugs will then be drilled out in final step to allow the well pressure to flow to the surface were water and some sand will be separated. if you do a google search on steerable drill assemblies for oil and gas you'll get more than enough descriptions of the various designs and how they work. at least 'ol hickory didn't do to much havoc.

Thanks OT.  I've got a lot of hickory nuts to gather up now. Gotta let them dry the shucks off now.  Hope they are mature enough to eat. I love them and butternuts too. Tree a shag bark hickory.  Other hickory's  that I call PIGNUT hickory are too bitter to eat.

Granddadd Ladd 

looks like Tetra is refilling impoundment periodicaly as well as pumping to Ppad. the level dropped than came back up last night. they are manning river withdrawl sites, midway station, tank pad and impoundment 24/7. 

A Tetra crew was at the river withdrawal site last evening about 6:00 Pm.  Cant miss seeing them with their bright blue coveralls!  Rain all night so plenty of water should be available for replacing impoundment supply!  And Lu Ann is back from hospital stay. She has to be careful now!

Granddad Ladd

that sounds like good news on the home front. Tetra is moving water in all directions and the impoundment is full. i can hear the pumps changing depending on direction of flow. yesterday we could see alot of RED on the Ppad. Haliburton red.

recieved certified letter past week informing Eclipse intent to drill within 3000' of water source. testing to follow.

Very interesting Old Timer.  Hope test proves positive!.

We saw several  Halliburton vehicles moving toward Ppad this week.  We are just a little low to see the ground area around the pad. But when the air is just right we hear large pumps and other  noises like steel pipes or whatever being dropped or hitting something else.

Granddad Ladd

Heavy rain this morning. I expect our cellar to be flooded again. Yesterday we had a large sump pump sitting in a wood access to our cellar and pumped out a couple feet of water. A drain in cellar bottom is plugged. Tried to clear it years ago and only partially succeeded.  Without the pump, water could rise to a couple feet from main floor.  But could escape through cellar windows.  Hope to rent a small excavator and dig ditch  under cellar wall to install a much bigger drain pipe at some future time. More rain forecast  for rest of week.

Granddad Ladd

Still raining! 

Two large pumps on my property now pumping to Ppad from impound area.  Several SAND BOXES moving to and from Ppad  today.  Even got a "Crapper box"  next to pumps.  (Oh what a relief it is not to find a bathroom or duck behind a tree!  LOL!) 

My hat is off to truck drivers. I always try to stop out of their way when I see one coming.  They are very courteous and respect the speed limit on Broughton Hollow road!

I wonder how long it takes to frack a well?

Granddad Ladd

truck stop at 49/15 L-ville full of Haliburton sand box trucks this morning. at least over a dozen parked.

big field on neighbor has just been staked out today. the guy said he was not sure but could be impoundment or tank pad. the owners don't live here so we won't know until they are around. it has been a favorite hay field for a very long time but i guess it will be gone now.

Back years ago I cut and baled hay on properties from Middlebury to Whites Corners in New York state. Even up near Rexville and Northfork.  Oh, I almost forgot  Little Marsh and just off of 349  next to where Wilda lives.

But that was long long ago.  Wore out my little Nh 66 baler! 

Now many of these acres have been abandoned or  broken up into building lots.

So sad to see small family farms dying away.....At least to me

Granddad Ladd


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