"Rex Energy said it struck a deal with affiliate of Shell called SWEPI to acquire a 100 percent interest in 208,000 acres in the Marcellus, Upper Devonian/Burkett and Utica shales in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The acreage is in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer and Venango counties in Pennsylvania and Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio, which the company calls its “Butler operated area.” ... "



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zJack, Then let Ann remain oblivious to the comprehensive evaluation made by Shell & let her continue her exagerrated fixation in DEP reports :

Unfortunately it's not possible to have made a truly comprehensive analysis of a formation as complex as the Utica covering a massive acreage position in two counties based on only two test wells in adjacent townships, neither of which has produced for much more than half a year yet. Shell has made statements that point in both directions, so we just need to wait and see which one of you will prove to be correct.


Only a little more than a year ago Shell was so depressed with their Marcellus results that they were ready to let leases in much of Tioga County expire - I was told not to expect a renewal on one of mine that's close to the recent Utica activity. Luckily it appears that portions of the Shell acreage position may prove profitable for Utica drilling. This still leaves any areas without Utica in limbo, however. Perhaps we'll eventually see Shell sell those leases, and retain only the better stuff for their own development. It's still early days now, and anything could happen.

Why not check out the recently released results of the Neal pad owned by Shell. May very well shed some light on things.

According to the recent production reports,  the Neal 815 1V produced 1,813,461.54 MCF of gas in 134 days for an average of 13.5 million cubic feet per day.

The Gee C 832 2V averaged 4.7 million cubic feet per day.

I had thought that Paleface was a bit too optimistic.   But if these reports are correct, he may not be.   Congratulations to the folks in the Neal Unit.

Anyone know how Marcellus vs Utica (both dry gas) well economics work out?  The Neal well is impressive, but it cost more to drill.  And it's too early to know what the decline rate will be. 

oh I'm sorry P- K - B!! I forgot that rofl! Some people ...





To clarify my opinion, on July 6 I posted "It does look like SWEPI is set to roll the dice in the Middlebury area.  They have gotten or applied for drilling permits for several 3-well 2_H (Utica) units."  That is, I didn't/don't  expect SWEPI to "walk away" from TC. 

Otoh, I don't attach a huge significance to the Rex and Ultra deals.  As the Shell rep said, "[the deal(s)] presents a more streamlined path forward for the companies."

As you will....I'll continue to focus on oil production and throw my 2 cents in when it comes to deep gas and see things which i disagree with)))))

Thanks for the info :)))

According to this:


Shell has drilled 18 Utica wells in Tioga County.

They have that many permits to drill, but haven't actually drilled anywhere near that many wells. The article was wrong in that regard.

How many have  been drilled ?   Earlier today you said "only two test wells".  

But we know these have been drilled:  

Gee, Sharrett, Neal, Synnestvedt


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