Anyone know the extent of the additional Tioga County leasing SWEPI has planned?  The last (and only) time I was contacted by one of their landmen was 4+ years ago.  He was going to get back to me "next week".  
I'm in NE TC, where most of the existing wells are single horizontals, drilled by ERI and now owned by Talisman.  My best guess is that SWEPI is filling in some of the gaps (unleased property) ... not that they have development plans.  Anyone have any info (or guesses)?

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That's what's curious about it; I'm not in a "sweet spot".
One consideration in the areas that are considered to have Utica shale is the possibility of forced pooling.  Hilcorp did drop their application to force pool in SW PA Utica, but that doesn't mean someone else won't try.  SWEPI might be looking to lease property that couldn't be easily forced pooled into a unit because of its size.  

I'm unaware of any drilling down into the Utica by Talisman . . . or even of any interest in the Utica by Talisman.

At least not so far.

 Talisman's Bayles well in Wells Twp was a test well that was drilled deep in 05. 

Ann................what size property or parcel do think would qualify for your statement above on forced pooling..........I am in a sweet spot

Nobody knows where the Utica sweet spots are yet, other than (hopefully) right next to the Neal well in Chatham Township. So there's nothing public. If only the business was that simple! ;)

Well yes, Josie.  There is for the Utica: Utica maps

However, it might be imprudent to count on the quality or accuracy of those maps.  Nevertheless, Josie, you didn't specifically request accurate maps!!  :-)

As Jack suggests, more will be known in the fullness of time.  ;-)

I don't know that the PA law specifies a percentage (or unit size/configuration). 

There's a joint Talisman/Shell Utica test permitted in Jackson Township - it hasn't been drilled yet and there's no way to know if it will be successful, but it does sound like they're at least going to test the Utica in NE Tioga County.

Youst 405 22H (117-21723)? 

Thank you, Jack.  That's of very great interest indeed!

Regarding Tioga, is there any news in the Liberty are?

I have been contacted.  Your mileage may vary, but my impression is that they're most interested in tying up land (cheap) for posssible future surface use.  (Over a certain size parcel, they won't do a non-surface use lease.)  And, the bonus offer was in the $300-1,000 range, depending on the length of the lease. 


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