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     I am in Liberty township and a few months ago got an offer to buy my royalties for 1500 to 1800 per acre, but they would do a more in-depth look if I was serious which "mite change the numbers" slightly....even tho I am not drilled or receiving any royalties ..talked to a landsman rite b4 I contacted them and he advised caution as there will be "significant" activity in my area in the "near future"....how about it, anybody else get an offer or hear anything or see any activity here in Tioga Co. ?

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The reason I left this page was the harassing about my understanding of oil- not only in Tioga County-- but PA Wide.  Long short-- there is oil now pumping in small scale just over the line in Bradford (pre-shale)  there WAS an oil well on 660, there was a producing oil well near Liberty Pa up till 1920 (ish)  They have tapped oil in several locations around the state far deeper than oil wells hit 150 years ago up to now.   The Berkett well you all speak of has a well Head of 25,000 PSI- that's not as cool as it once sounded considering the well has a shallow vertical.. i.e- less space.  

The other well you speak of- is a Utica well and it's numbers are so off the hook- that they call it "the screamer".  That well is kicking out some great numbers, but even steady contacts who have the $ to buy data can't get solid numbers. 

Long short- there is oil all over the country, the question isn't "Is oil to be had?" but is it marketable- quality and profitable to drill for.  If there is nothing here but Nat gas- why was the E.U in Mansfield for a month? -- they didn't meet with Shell and leaders of Gov at the Wren's Nest for a social chat. 

European Union -- Friend The Drill'N Man on Facebook to find the full story.  

They knew long long ago there was some shallow oil here- but now they have the tech.  Still the PSI is high- and still we need a market.  I mean it's not like you just drill a hole and the money comes in.. need pipe- a buyer- ect ect ect

Old or new maps?  one of the problems with the Wildcat Days.. YES>> LIKE PCT WILDCATS (shameless plug) is that they didn't tell others where they drilled- what  they had ect-- so not really.  Also-  all due respect,  there is a TON.. I mean A TON that's not shared.  

Jim--  I'm all over the place.. started up Drill'N Man in other states.. meat and taders for the working man.  Check out the story at prospect.org search Shale rebelion. 

I'll need to look the Neal Pad over--  oh wait.. yea.. that's the 25,000 PSI- New England gas is in demand.  Boston being the highest valued market. I'm try'n to follow that one-- but still working on that one. 

I'll try to get you some exact locations Josie-  most of The Drill'N Man Team is outside Tioga county- (our radio gal is from Canada) so I'll need to find the time to take a drive. 

Just a quick comment to the uninformed who might not know better - some of these comments by Mr. Asbury are absolutely insane. There's no point saying anything more - a little research will help anyone who reads this understand why so little of what he wrote makes any sense. I'm not harrassing anyone, just trying to protect those who may not know the difference between facts and fantasy.   

can you back that up? 

Tell you what-- go to the Wren's Nest-- ask Jamie Fry if he served the E.U and Shell on a monday when he was scedualed to be closed... start with that-- then look up work of Barry Yeoman -- at American Prospect and read what he wrote about me.  He nearly fainted when after 20 hours-- I knew everything about his prior day...  so you don't know about the old oilwell that blew frack water in Liberty?  call Chris Gillbert-- Remax-  

-- we'll go from there.   Rookies

I can back up everything I post. After 30 years in the industry focused exclusively on this area that's to be expected. The idea that you would call me a rookie shows how much you know. Why ruin a forum like this by posting garbage...   

so there were never oil wells in the area? really? lots changed in 30 years man-- and as I said before-- if you read-- there is oil all over the nation-- it's not if you have it, it's the grade, the market- the desire ect.  SO that's garbage?  30 years in the industry... so like back when they still tossed chain?  -- lots has changed

  hey-- it's all opinion but if you work for the industry I'm inclined to think you're biased to fib.  I mean why would outsiders from other states buy land at $16,800 per acre  (222 acre farm) for a gas check that won't even make a car payment?

so let's see your proof-- I've got national magazines saying I know something... you got ...um 30 years?  that's nice


The idea that a Burkett well would have 25,000 psi is one of the oddest things I've seen suggested - most shales have a pressure to depth ratio of between .55 and .60. So a 6,000 foot Burkett well might have 3,500 psi initially. No shale would have a ratio like what Mr. Asbury suggested - it's not physically possible in a shale reservoir.

And if Shell and the "EU" were getting together for a chat locally (the idea of which is hilarious) they would probably be taking about LNG, not oil. There are some new deals being struck by US producers to export LNG to Europe and elsewhere if/when the US allows it. My guess is that Shell will be sending their gas towards their proposed gas plant outside Pittsburgh, not to Euope.


plenty of people can back up what I'm telling you.. give me a question-- and I'll give you someone you can go see who'll back it up.  



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