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     I am in Liberty township and a few months ago got an offer to buy my royalties for 1500 to 1800 per acre, but they would do a more in-depth look if I was serious which "mite change the numbers" slightly....even tho I am not drilled or receiving any royalties ..talked to a landsman rite b4 I contacted them and he advised caution as there will be "significant" activity in my area in the "near future"....how about it, anybody else get an offer or hear anything or see any activity here in Tioga Co. ?

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No, not in a production unit yet...I leased in '06 before I or anyone I knew had heard about shale...naturally they renewed in '11 so I'm stuck til '16....but Southwestern Energy is the one that called...that's SWEPI, right?...anyway Anadarko will get that money, not me...and thanks for the good luck wishes :).

Southwestern (SWN) is the company that bought a batch of Chesapeake leases, including all those CHK had in Tioga County. March 28th, SWN got a permit for a single horizontal well - Porter Dennis 3H - in Union Twp. Because SWN also got leases in counties where the average well is more productive, I don't expect TC to be at the top of their list for development. But, one never knows until it happens (or doesn't).

What company was he from Theresa?

Southwestern, Thomas....I thought it was short for SWEPI but didn't realize it was a different company....they don't have my lease yet so I expect it will be a while before I hear anything...soon as I hear from them I will post....


Thanks. I'm guessing they'll unitized and hold for production. Any word about pipeline in the area?

I haven't heard anything about pipelines yet..sorry

Talisman confirmed that they will be putting us into a unit (JONES PROJECT) in Blossburg. They are already starting the pipeline construction. Next year the pipeline goes across our property and it will connect the Frederick site and the future Jones. They say no later than 2017.


why am I getting messages that there is activity on this site? The latest post I can find is 6 weeks old. I think it's time to start a new thread, if this is 57 pages long....when I click on the message to find "new" replies, I get old ones. 

pipe lines are being run through Middelbery center 7/22

thanks, Joe, keep us posted!

I have noticed many new permits being issued in Tioga County the past few months, for the past 3 years or so I have been getting the daily e-mail updates from DEP for Tioga County. Some are Marcellus and some look like Utica, pipelines etc. Chatham, Sullivan, Union, Charleston, Jackson, Richmond twps. etc. Does anyone have any information about that group that was forming a few months ago - late October early November? Does anyone know if they had success? I heard very little about it after the meetings.

Ditto. (What group?)

I've also noticed the number of SWEPI permits.  Haven't kept a count, but many seem to be on sites that have previous permits - e.g., a Utica well on a site that already has a Marcellus well. Given that the price of oil and gas has tanked, it will be interesting to see how many of those wells actually get drilled. 


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