I know the ACP is coming right through Upshur County.  In fact, it's going to be passing a few hundred yards from my property.  If anybody has thoughts or concerns about the project, this would be a great place to put them.

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What's the latest on the pipeline? Is this going to spur any leasing activity?

My interest is more in Randolph County ...

Now that the ACP has been terminated, what are the prospects for moving gas from Upshur to market? How much of a drilling deterent  is the cancellation once the gas price is over $3? Richard Fanelly  

There's really no new development going on in Upshur County right now, so all the gas that's flowing out of Upshur will continue to move through the same pipes that it has been.  

The ACP getting cancelled is not much of a deterrent to drilling.  There is plenty of takeaway capacity in the Marcellus/Utica area of West Virginia at this point.  Having more would have been good for producers as the competition between pipelines would have driven down the price of using the pipelines.  If the MVP gets finished, it will benefit producers in that way.

Thanks for the reply.  MVP?     Richard Fanelly


Sorry.  Mountain Valley Pipeline.  Roughly parallels the route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  


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