Any word on the flair test at Halcon's Phillips Well in Mercer County? Any word on the Allam well in Venango?

To everyone following this discussion. I may have inadvertently deleted the discussion while tying to access from my cell phone. My sincere apologies. Any idea on how I can resolve. I am very sorry.  

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I sent in email to GMS to try to restore. I went to access the conversation on my smart phone, a tag came up delete discussion...I could not access after that. I emailed GMS to see if they can restore a deleted discussion.  Again, my apologies to everyone following the discussion. If anyone can post, repost, especially pictures, that would be extremely appreciated.   

JS III, I'm just happy it might have been a user error and not someone hacking or the site censoring. Hopefully Mr. Mauck can restore it. If not, we'll just start anew.

I received an auto reply from GMS, that I would hear from them soon. It came from advertising. If anyone had an email for Mr. Mauck, or a phone number, please let me know as I will make every effort to restore. 

I messaged Keith Mauck, let's see if he can help. Again, my apologies, any posts or reposts to this thread are appreciated.   

Halcon put a pic up on their website late yesterday. No commentary, but a really nice shot.

I love Halcon's presence. This is a big deal for them and they make public statements. In regards to whether this is wet gas in the area they did annouce the gas from the Phillips well had a BTU of 1330. This is very wet gas. No use speculating on this one. In time they will tell us. This flare is the size of one of Shell's wells in Elk County. That thing has been flaring since  March and does not look to me like it has lost anything.

5/11/2013 6:30pm Shot from the gate on the lease road


Brian: Great picture. Would be nice if someone takes a picture at night when it is totally dark! The next question is what this all means, if anything, about how good the well is! I would like to see some of the technical gurus post to the site. I guess patience is the name of the game. I wonder if anyone can confirm the information from a friend of Jame's brother. As you may recall, Jame's posted that the well was supposed to be really good. ( It was posted to this thread before the thread got accidentally deleted!)

Anyone have an update on the Allam well?

this is what I have heard from folks who live near the Allam well. It is indeed wet and flaring was stopped due to pressure being too high. When the processing facility goes in on Hendersonville road they will pipe this well to the facility and lower the pressure.

That is indeed good news for Venango if it's credible, considering I have heard nothing but negative news about this well since drilling started.  Sure hope the subcontractors on the ground in Polk aren't just feeding the local folks a line.  I think some of the oil people take perverse pleasure in spreading wild rumors to locals.  Not that I doubt what you were told one bit, but I think I'll wait for Halcon to announce results before Venango can celebrate in earnest.  I really, really hope you're right fwiw.

Your statement about the flaring being stopped due to high pressure doesn't make sense to me.  I always understood that flaring was done partially to relieve pressure?  Please elaborate if you are able.  Thank you for some positive news.  The Venango site has needed some.

I would expect to see some activity soon on the permitted Rainbow and SCC Glista wells if the Allam is truly wet gas.  I think that will be a true indicator of the Allam well's success.  If Allam is wet gas, Halcon should be eager to get the other two well sites on line.

Allam Results are in and look very good. Go to Yahoo Finance and enter stock symbol HK, then will see article Halcon Updates Utica / Point Pleasant operations. Also discussion of Phillips well and several others. I am no expert but I believe the Allam well results look to be very good. There is probably same release of information on Halcon's website. Maybe leasing will now pick up in Venango County. Best wishes to all !!


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