Any word on the flair test at Halcon's Phillips Well in Mercer County? Any word on the Allam well in Venango?

To everyone following this discussion. I may have inadvertently deleted the discussion while tying to access from my cell phone. My sincere apologies. Any idea on how I can resolve. I am very sorry.  

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G&O companies will come to Venango. They will not be waiving $100 bills, but leases.  Speculators, and lease flippers will come prior..

Does anyone REALLY believe that Halcon stock dropped today was caused by press release of a successful well in Venango?   Perhaps more likely cause is to much emphasis in Mercer County, and Ohio, not ENOUGH leasing and drilling in Venango....

the negativity perhaps is the value of what there actual bopd  is worth per investment

take there bopd = value  x stock value and number of shares one of the highest in the exchange  240k per barrel yeh I know does not include undeveloped or proven holdings

a aggressive perhaps modern day wildcat company high risk high yield t boone pickens bought in this week  if the wizard of Omaha bought in I would think that would signal gold rush

hell I bought in early mid 5's and am at the Mendoza line for roi but as I had told my father until his 75 birthday I still believe in santa claus 

Floyd Wilson has flipped a company= done this before and his timeline is down to 30 months

One of two things will happen. They will be acquired by one of the big players or they will go bankrupt. I believe they will be acquired at higher price.  

1,210 is wet gas! High BTUS. As a rule pipeline co. will not take gas over 1100 BTUS. After the gas goes through the stripping plant reinjecting the ethane usually it increases the BTUS over 1100.  

A little bird just told me Halcon Field Services is back in town to work on the gathering line and transmission line ROWs. :)

Wet Gas extends through Venango as map posted by Jack Moreoil on previous thread suggests....Since Seneca Resources Utica Redbrush well in Forest County is wet I would tend to believe..

Here you go John! 


Jack: Is it possible that you could post an attachment showing the Well sites for Mercer County. It would be very much appreciated.

a oily bird

 To Jack F. Moreoil:

I wonder if you might post an attachment showing horizontal well locations or permit locations for Horizontal Wells for Mercer County? Looking at such data together with the excellent material you posted about Venango County would be very helpful in seeing what is going on in the area. I realize that this is essentially a repeat of my request a few minutes ago, but that request appears in the middle of thread. Upon reflection, it seemed better to me to post this request at the end of the thread!



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