Does anyone have any information on the potential reserves of gas/oil in the Pleasant Mount area of Wayne Co?

Are we in a prime area or in an outer banned?

Thanks for your feedback.

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From a personal point of view, I would not buy land in Pleasant Mount for gas speculation. I thjink it is too far south and too far west. It is close to the "Lackawanna Synclinorum" where mountain building changed the Bituminous Coal in Scranton into Anthracite. It also may have toasted the gas out of the Marcellus for some distance east of the line. The geological formation appears to run north and south on the Wayne County western boundary line.

Thank you for the insight...

I have heard stories similar to what you just wrote.  Guess I'll just have to settle for the lease money and not dream of the royalties!  LOL

Wish my 40 acres were in Ohio right now.

If the geology is not favorable why is there a big fight to drill there? Why wouldn't Hess/Newfield folks pack up and go away like Encana did in Luzerne Co? Their test wells must have shown something worth sticking around for. Where is the north/south line in Wayne Co for better prospects?

Thanks again BGM

they need to start drilling first any news about that yet?
The DRBC has to make a decision here one way or another on drilling(or not) in the basin. They are supposed to announce their decision in early November.


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