I am wondering if any land owners in Westmoreland county who have not signed with a coumpany are forming a land owners group? We have close to 400 hundred aces but not signed.Does anybody know what the going dollar per acre and percentage rate is ? Or even what companies are active. We're on the Chestnut Ridge, same ridge as in Derry. Any information would be great.


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J. Rossi - have you heard anything about the Androstic Marco unit? That's the one I'm in. They've permitted for a total of 8 wells but a gas company worker told us it's supposed to be 10 wells. That would be great!
yes, I heard of the unit your in, I hope you hit it big!
Where is National Metals South? I know where National Metals East is but haven't heard about South. Will those both be in the same unit? Also, do you know how many wells are planned for the National Metals unit?
Also, there is "speculation" that Williams is bringing a third rig to Derry Township. That would be nice too. Hope your unit does well also.
Hey im pretty sure there are going to be 8 wells in the east unit of National Metals and 7 wells in the west unit of National metals, both of the units are going to be on the same pad if im not mistaken, gettin ready to start drilling the East first...both units will not be combined though you will be in one or the other. Credible source HTH's
Hey All.  I see Atlas has been leasing pretty heavily in Sewickley and South Huntington.  Does anyone have any current rate info?  If you have any rep info I would love to get that also.  Send me a private message if you wish.  Thanks.


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