A great company to deal with. Appalachian Mineral Company LLC and from West Virginia

I was talking with a few family members in West Virginia, They told me about Appalachain Mineral Company LLC out of Morgantown, WV. This company does it all and does not charge the landowner in any way unless they're consulting for you on a lease (Small fee). My cousin was telling me that they used AMC to deal with Antero in Wetzel, AMC got him more bonus, cost free, 17%, Marcellus only, Hold harmless, Special Warranty, Pugh Clause and $25 shut in. They do charge a small fee of $250 to consultant for you on the leasing. That beats the hell out of paying an attorney. I spoke to a guy in Greene Co and AMC was able to get him top pay of $7800 an acre. Appalachian Mineral Company put a mineral packet together and sent it to 3 major investment capital firms they us in the USA. AMC does not make money on the landowner on a mineral deal, they make a small fee with the investment firms they deal with. 

Here is the info for this company,

Appalachian Mineral Company, LLC

724.209.8487 Main


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