Is theis forum just for land owners only? I am one of many heirs to 46 acres of O&G in Upshur County West Virginia. Can you tell me what it going on there as far as the price they are getting for leases? It was my grandmothers and I just found out in October that her estate was never taken to probate in W.V. and she has been gone for 30 years. I have been tying to take it to probate since October and have ran into some obstacles. I'm beginning to think no one there wants us to. We could be totoally wrong, but our family suspect our royalties have been cheated the family over the years since it was never taken to probate. Also, I think there is a possibilty that there may be coal bed methane wells there on that 46 acres. Have they made a dicision on who that belongs to? I have heard that some counties have divided it among the land and mineral rights owner. In my case, the land owner sold it to another person but kept the coal rights. My family owns the minerals, so who would the coal bed methane belong to?

Thank You G.P.

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Has anyone ever heard of Jay Bee oil co in Cairo W.Va ?
Hi everyone! I have not fallen off face of the earth. My husband and I moved to Cambodia, so I don't get to check this site often. I was wondering if there is any new drilling going on in Upshur Co? Our family is still trying to get our grandmothers estate to probate, but the lawyer keeps putting us off. Even after he told us it was an easy process. He uses the excuse, that once it is taken to probate the names will be made available to the landsmen and he may go to a family member to get them to sign up, and that family member may under bid and hurt the rest of us for a chance of a better lease. Does that make sense? We have been working on trying to get this to probate for about four years now, maybe longer. We fired one lawyer and now the new one hasn't done any better. We are thinking we may have to go out of state too hire a lawyer. He keeps making promises to my nephew(the one taking care of this while In Cambodia) but never carries through with it. My husband says we are just little fish in a big pond and he has grander things going on. Perhaps he's right. Please let me know of anything new going on in Upshur.

Thank you!


Don't know about drilling, but 4 horizontal wells recently filed for permits about 15 miles northeast of Buckhannon. NG prices have finally crossed the $4 mark. This will stimulate drilling, if the NG price stays up.

4 years is way too long to settle an estate without very unusual circumstances. Suggest you contact the Probate Court in the appropriate County and if necessary send a letter to the Supreme Ct of W VA, which has responsibility for disciplining attorneys who take cases and don't follow thru.

I don't buy the excuse about disclosing heirs, but could be wrong without hearing more of the reasoning behind it.


If Upshur County is a proven area and very good, I'm just curious as to why Upshur County isnt being showed in the countries listed in WV? In regards to our lawyer, he just keeps making promise after promise that he never carries through with. So frustrating! I'm sure we have racked up a huge bill with him by now and he's done nothing.


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