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I was reading Jeff K's blog from Tioga County re: allowing ponds to be placed on your property. I know little about the fracking process, about the entire process in general, but learning what I can, so I ask: Is the pond accessed from the surface after it is created, or does the access come from off site? The surface of my land is a cemetery. Wouldn't want the dead disturbed. In other words, if the energy company creates a pond on my land, or widens, enhances, or deepens the one I have,…


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Disturbing the dead?

Yes, Mark, I will call you. And, Janice, thanx for your comments. There probably ARE statutory restrictions re: entering upon a cemetery for this purpose, and the caskets are only buried 6 feet deep. But, that's the key word,..."probably". Shale drilling is a relatively new thing. Death care industry consultants have advised me that there is no case law, or specific statutes that deal with this in Pennsylvania., and that I should get this protection in writing as part of any agreement I sign.… Continue

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Coexprise: Inflexible, or quite normal?

I have a 27.5 acre cemetery in Beaver County. Generaly speaking, I was prepared to sign on with Coexprise. But, the Agreement provided no "guarantee" of non-encroachment on my land surface. Anyone else out there with sensitive land encroachment issues? Is there a group competing with Coexprise out there who WILL be able to negotiate with this "impediment"?

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