I was reading Jeff K's blog from Tioga County re: allowing ponds to be placed on your property. I know little about the fracking process, about the entire process in general, but learning what I can, so I ask: Is the pond accessed from the surface after it is created, or does the access come from off site? The surface of my land is a cemetery. Wouldn't want the dead disturbed. In other words, if the energy company creates a pond on my land, or widens, enhances, or deepens the one I have, then after the creation process is over, does machinery and apparatus remain on my surface, or need to regularly access the surface in order to make intended use of the pond?

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Comment by Billy Park Whyde on January 10, 2012 at 2:25am

Might be a good idea if you wanted a pond or a lake at possibly no cost to you. Pond or lake built to state specs might be a value for a commercial camp grounds. Construction of and use of could be addressed but you can contact your local fire department as they can provide detail instructions upon how to plumb the pond for use in their access to firefighting water, might even lower insurance rates.

Comment by Brad Emmer on November 27, 2011 at 7:22pm

And, while I'm at it, which of th energy compnaies, if any, are aggressively seeking holdings in Beaver County? Is it true thet we hold more promise of the wetter, more valuable Utica Shale here?

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