There’s no end to the hypocrisy and ignorance on the part of celebrities opposed to fracking. Alec Baldwin illustrates, yet again, the seeming inability of celebrities to grasp reality when it comes to this subject.

I promised in my last post to provide more examples of celebrity fractivists who ought to know more about where they live before they mouth off about fracking. This one is almost too easy though. Alec Baldwin is one easy to hit target.

Baldwin has to be the world’s best comedic actor. I absolutely love those Capital One commercials, laughing every time every one one airs. Baldwin, ironically, has the ability to portray himself as a lovable self-deprecating boob, but, in real life, of course, he’s just a boob who takes himself very seriously while regularly getting into street fights over the slightest grievances. Frankly, I’ve never understood how he is able to present himself in such humorous and endearing fashion on the screen when he’s anything but. I guess that’s real talent.

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