The global order is changing as a result of shale gas and the export of liquified natural gas (LNG) is about to accelerate the change, placing the US in an enviable position of leadership in a new worldwide energy economy.

Some stories are so full of groundbreaking ideas that I can only recommend everyone read all the article in Foreign Affairs this week by Amy Myers Jaffe and Ed Morse. Morse is Chief Commodity Strategist for Citibank and makes a rare London conference visit to the FT Global Shale Summit next month in London. Even Josh Fox is on the menu at that one, and the likes of Ed and Christof Rühl and Charif Souki will eat him up.

Amy Myers Jaffe is now at the University of California, but formerly of Rice University in Houston. She has a proven track record in being literally years ahead of the curve. Put them together and this is blue sky thinking at its best, all the better for being true.

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