Dryden is one of the two New York towns who enacted natural gas development bans now under appeal before that state’s highest court. The irony is that they also ban most wind energy and promote wood burning.

The Town of Dryden is located near Planet Ithaca, that part of Tompkins County where the normal rules of physics don’t apply, everything orbits around Cornell University and political correctness governs all. It is home to just under 14,500 people and is governed by an anti-gas town board that has adopted a zoning law (see Section 502) prohibiting not only “any exploration for natural gas,” but also the right of anyone to “transfer, store, process or treat” the product or even use land for “natural gas and/or petroleum support activities.”

That’s pretty all-encompassing, especially for a town where 44% of all homes are heated with the stuff. One wonders how they get the natural gas to those homes after declaring everything connected with it illegal, but, remember, the normal rules of physics don’t apply.


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