#BaltimoreKnows? Baltimore Conspires with #ExxonKnew Trial Lawyers

Just one day after a federal judge dismissed the ExxonKnew lawsuits from a few major cities, Baltimore decided its cash-strapped city should give it a go.  

Baltimore is home to the curious. With a rich history of just being plain weird and relishing that weirdness in many fun ways, it is no wonder it is the landmark homestead of Edgar Allan Poe, The Hampdenfest Toilet Bowl Race where racers ride a toilet bowl downhill, the Honfest where people bring back the Beehive Hairdo, and of course, John Waters; need I say more?

The Wire: Series Trailer

Baltimore is so well known for crime that an entire series on HBO, The Wire, was based in the city and portrayed city corruption purportedly loosely based on former Governor, Martin O’Malley when he was the Mayor of the city. Another former Mayor, Sheila Dixon, was charged with felony theft, perjury, and fraud. In February of this year, USA Today reported Baltimore is the nation’s most dangerous city due to having such high murder rates. Mind you, I work in this chaos of love, intrigue, and corruption that is so affectionately nicknamed Charm City.

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