Why Does Geisinger Continue to Advance Fractivist Junk Science?

Turned down for funding by the gas industry, Geisinger continues to seek revenge with junk science studies funded through NIH and its own pet funder.

Geisinger Health Systems has been helping advance one fractivist junk science study after another, the latest being an attempt to implicitly link fracking with depres... and disordered sleep. Energy In Depth exposes it for the junk science it is, but the bigger question is why Geisinger keeps doing this. The likely answer is money, political correctness and revenge.

Geisinger hit the gas industry up a few years seeking $25 million for health care research. I told the whole story here. The Geisinger pitch for money was dressed up in the language of neutrality, but everything else was one piece of hyperbole after another implying shale gas was a threat. Not particularly relishing the idea of funding of such a two-faced initiative, the industry wisely gave them nothing. Geisinger then went the Degenstein Foundation to get some small grants and Geisinger’s Research Connections newsletter soon reported big-time fractivist Brian S. Schwartz had become a member of their team and they began to advance a series of fractivist junk science initiatives under his leadership.

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