Current Outreach Program to Well Owners In Northeastern Pennsylvania ( Free Assistance)

New Online Guide for Private Well Owners in PA

Nearly a million households in Pennsylvania rely on private water supplies.In Pennsylvania, protection and maintenance of a private well is largely the responsibility of homeowners. Private wells are typically safe, dependable sources of water if sited wisely and constructed properly. Information is provided here to have your private water supply built correctly and protected adequately.  There are approximately 20,000 new private wells drilled each year in Pennsylvania.  Within Pennsylvania, 4.5 million people (37%) of Pennsylvania’s population Directly use ground water as their potable water source and indirectly we ALL rely on this resource.  The following are links to key documents or resources that each private well owner should have available (FREE).


New Survey for PA - Need Your Feedback

This survey is part of the efforts of Mr. Brian Oram, Professional Geologist, and owner of B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc to help educate and inform the community.  The survey will not be published and all information is confidential. 

Part of this survey will be used to create a new booklet that helps educate private well owners and policy makers in our community- direct educational and informational programs. 

This survey is NOT funded by any outside company or organization and Solely funded by Mr. Brian Oram.



The Current Booklet is online at


Appreciate if you would forward to your watershed organizations and other private well owners




Brian Oram, PG


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