DEP Says Shale Gas Air Impacts Limited, But Fractivists Deny Reality

Shale gas air impacts are limited, according to a recent study by Pennsylvania DEP, but Clean Air Council fractivists simply deny the reality, of course.

You really don’t need to know a lot more about the Clean Air Council’s lack of intellectual honesty than to read trust-funder Joseph Otis Minott’s statement regarding a recent Pennsylvania DEP air quality study finding shale gas air impacts to be limited. Here’s what Minott had to say:

Joseph Otis Minott, executive director of the Clean Air Council, said the report’s findings “are consistent with other recent public health studies, which demonstrate that unconventional natural gas operations can pose serious risks of harmful health impacts to sensitive and vulnerable populations in the Commonwealth, which includes children.”

No one who bothers to read the report could possibly fail to see how deceptive this comment really is. It speaks volumes about the lack of intellectual honesty among hired-gun fractivists who purposely deny reality. Even the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where Minott’s quote appeared, saw the truth, titling its piece “DEP’s overdue Marcellus Shale air study finds few health risks.”

The easiest way to point out Minott’s lack off honesty is to direct your attention to the full study here and summarize the relevant points from the Executive Summary (emphasis added):

…in July 2012, the Department initiated a long-term, one-year ambient air monitoring project of Marcellus shale development to understand further the impacts of the shale gas industry on Pennsylvania’s overall air quality. The project placed emphasis on characterizing concentrations of criteria and hazardous air pollutants near permanent facilities related to the Marcellus Shale gas industry in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

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