Simplistic Slogans Are No Help in Building Energy Infrastructure

Dan Markind offers a common sense approach to the challenge of rebuilding our nation’s energy infrastructure; drop the simplistic slogans and work together.

California and the Southwest are sweltering under one of the worst heat waves since the 1930’s dust bowl. Under such brutal conditions, residents face the added insult of rolling power brownouts.

Temperatures north of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley are approaching 110 degrees. Unfortunately, neither the local power supply nor the power grid is capable of coping. There are numerous reasons for this. The biggest is our nation’s overall failure to update our energy infrastructure. Another reason, however, is the refusal of California to build new natural gas or nuclear power plants that can help provide power in times of great demand. Just like the Oroville Dam situation in February 2017, Californians are learning that when they most need quality infrastructure and reliable power supply, they have it the least. Hopefully, this will not become the fate of the entire nation.

For those of us who have been touting an “All In” approach to energy, that has many facets. While we can smirk at the current problems of Californians, we also must insist that the companies providing the “All In” do it responsibly. Once again, here in Southeastern Pennsylvania we see what happens when that is not the case.

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