Forget Kansas! What's Wrong with New York?

Jeff Heller asks what’s wrong with New York State? Environmentalists, or rather fake environmentalists, have captured the state and at least one of its political parties, to the detriment of its citizens and its followers.

What the heck has happened in New York State? What’s wrong with our state? Here we sit on top of one or two of the richest shale plays in the world, and all we’re doing is watching all the other states (roughly thirty!) take advantage of their opportunities. No one but our governor would even pretend the explanation for New York’s plight is scientific, given what all those other states, all of whom presumably researched the matter for themselves, have done.

Also, history proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that hydraulic fracturing is safe, in the sense most people would define it; that is to say not harmful. It is much the same as driving a car is “safe,” although this does not mean it is totally risk free. It means the benefits outweigh the risks. It would be idiotic to refuse to take a job that would provide a much better living for your family only because you felt driving to work was not “safe.” In effect, this is exactly what fake environmentalists and cynical politicians are doing with natural gas drilling in New York.

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