Bob Tiberio says Gov. Cuomo seems lost in space, while the people of Upstate New York, the final shale gas frontier, stare into the stars hoping the galaxies will finally smile upon them someday and they’ll be rescued from the science fiction of fractivists.

Houston, we have a problem… with New York. The countdown to prosperity in upstate is on hold. The liftoff of shale gas development has been delayed by a fog of misinformation and false warnings of tornados on the horizon (only political crosswinds detected). Albany has confirmed no launch timetable and not responded to repeated requests for mission status.

Forty-four years ago, a Saturn V rocket powered Apollo 11 to the moon. After the shock of Sputnik and throughout the tumultuous 1960’s, the US space program gave our country a tremendous lift and a sense of shared national purpose. For the last few years, natural gas development has given our recession weary nation a much-needed economic boost, and can meet another great challenge – ensuring clean, inexpensive and reliable energy well into the future.

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