Forgotten Men and Women of Canadian Energy Industry Protest

The forgotten men and women of the Canadian energy industry are mad as hell and not taking it anymore. They’re protesting in their trucks and it’s spreading.

Whenever I go to New York City, which is as seldom as possible, I drive. My vehicle is a Ford F-150 and, although it’s the most popular one in America, I stand out like a shiny red apple in a basket of lemons. At least that’s the analogy I favor, though some would suggest otherwise. If I wear on my western hat as well, you wouldn’t believe the looks I get, but I do notice they tend to get out of the way.

There are no pickup drivers in Manhattan, but there are not only pick-ups, but lots of other trucks where I live and where energy is made. They’re visible on every road and in large numbers. Canada is one of those places and Canadians are using their trucks to make themselves even more visible in protest of insane energy policies.

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