Has Vera Scroggins Flipped? Now Supports Pipelines?

Something strange has happened. It seems Vera Scroggins has flipped, dropping her pipeline opposition. Is it so, or is she just trapped by her own illogic?

The Susquehanna Independent carried a highly unusual letter to the editor the other day from none other than Vera Scroggins, a frequent NaturalGasNOW commenter and subject. A friend sent me a clipping of it and asked if it could possibly be real, as Vera Scroggins clearly came out in favor of natural gas pipelines as an alternatives to NG Advantage’s proposal to create a compression site so they can ship the stuff to New England and New York by truck. I looked at it and came to the same question; she said what she said, but did she mean it? Time and our comment pages will, I hope, provide the answer. My guess, though, is that she simply got trapped in her own illogical thinking.

The letter is one of opposition to a proposed NG Advantage compression station in Susquehanna County. It’s all predictable blather, except for this one paragraph (emphasis added):

This company will have up to 100 or more trucks daily, tractor-trailers carrying about 20,000 lbs. of compressed natural gas under high pressure to points unknown on our roads — so far their destination points being New England and New York to supply gas to companies  and to replace the lack of needed pipelines in our county and New York.

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