Jennifer Huntington: The Forgotten Woman We Can’t Forget

Jennifer Huntington has left us. She was the plaintiff, and victim, the forgotten woman, in the Middlefield, New York home rule case, who we’ll not forget.

Jennifer Huntington was a remarkable individual. She was a dairy farmer, and a very innovative one. She owned the Cooperstown Holstein farm in the Town of Middlefield in Otsego County, New York. She also wanted to drill a vertical natural gas well—no high volume hydraulic fracturing—to supply the needs of her farm and a neighboring facility.

Sadly for Jennifer, though, Middlefield borders Lake Otsego, known as Glimmerglass in the Leatherstocking Tales, and includes the eastern part of Cooperstown. It’s a gentry class island of mostly inherited prosperity for the trendy in Upstate New York. So, naturally, NIMBYism and virtue signaling were more important than Jennifer’s farm, and they told her she couldn’t do it. She fought back in the decent sort of way you might expect of a farmers raised on old-fashioned values and lost. Now, she’s passed away and the world has lost a class act if there ever was one.

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