It’s All About American Pride and What Has Happened To It

Vic Furman talks about American pride, our natural resources and what happens when we lose faith in our values and the power of innovation and technology.

I remember.

I remember when freedom meant so much to the individual American that to speak against it would label you a communist sympathizer.

Today, I ask myself what has happened to American pride?

Being in foreign countries as a young soldier in the USARMY I saw first hand how an oppressed people under socialistic rule lived, starved, and died. I saw an unwanted child thrown out of a village and left to beg for survival. I saw the poor of another village washing their laundry in filthy drainage gutters.

I have been to countries where socialism is law and watched as people waited days to see doctors and ended up seeing only what’s our equivalent to an LPN. I worked as a missionary for six months in South Korea at the Suwon Prison outside of Seoul where people were sentenced for 25 years for speaking against their government, serving their time in filth and being fed barely enough to keep them alive.

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