Michael Bloomberg Is Buying Power from Corrupt Attorneys General

There is no clearer evidence of the corruption of America politics than what Michael Bloomberg is doing in buying power for the NRDC from corrupt AG offices.

Back in March, our good friend and guest blogger, Jim Willis, at the invaluable Marcellus Drilling News, wrote a great piece entitled “Michael Bloomberg Buying AG Offices Through the NYU Law School?

It was about the revelation NYU had accepted almost $6 million from the mega-rich former Mayor of New York to establish a program to place new lawyers into state attorneys general offices to fight special interest political battles having to do with environmental matters. Jim justly described it as “the bastardization of the justice system.” I added an editor’s note pointing out Michael Bloomberg is a big NRDC guy and was using his money to further their work.

Now, we know just how badly he’s corrupted the system in both New York and Pennsylvania.

The corruption shows up in the Appendices of report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and authored by Chris Horner. It’s titled “Law Enforcement for Rent” and primarily looks at how Michael Bloomberg is using his money to buy influence with state attorneys general in his private climate change battle. Like the efforts of the La Jolla Junta with which it is associated, this one is a RICO case if there ever was one; a conspiracy among special interest groups, trial lawyers and the filthy rich to impose their will. Read the whole report to get a sense of just how this abuse of our justice system really is.

It goes deeper than climate change, though, which has become a convenient excuse for numerous power and rent seekers to pursue their objectives. The Appendices of the report include the applications and associated documents with respect to the New York and Pennsylvania applications to NYU for the Michael Bloomberg political graft. They are huge eye-openers and may be found here, with my highlighting of the key revelations.

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