Lancashire Trespassers Make Us Ask: What Happened to Civility?

Trespassers onto Cuadrilla’s Lancashire natural gas site offer a sad perspective on the loss of civility pervading public policy disagreements these days.

Lancashire trespassers onto Cuadrilla’s natural gas development site over the last 18 months have, sadly, become a great example of environmental extremism and media manipulation, combined with a misguided sense of moral rectitude. Using name-calling, populist rhetoric, and demonization of fracking, these trespassers—English, Canadians or Americans—are nothing more than scofflaws and law breakers.

Lancashire For Shale reports the following:

Cuadrilla, along with local farmers, has today filed papers to the High Court, in preparation for a hearing on 31st May 2018, for an injunction covering its shale gas exploration operations at Preston New Road, Lancashire.
The proposed injunction would replace and extend the duration of an existing injunction forbidding trespass on the company’s Preston New Road (PNR) shale gas exploration site and surrounding farmland. It would also prohibit unlawful obstruction of the site entrance and adjacent main “A” road.This would include “lock-ons” (chaining oneself to an object or another person to deliberately prevent access) and climbing onto, or slow walking in front of, vehicles accessing or leaving the site.

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