Mom's Clean Air Force Obfuscates on Ozone and Shale Gas

Living where I do, near the Delaware Valley, I have accumulated many friends over the years who have somewhat different opinions than me on a host of matters.  They are mostly folks who have “moved up from the city,” as both we and they say.  It’s a culture clash sometimes and often means we end up challenging each other a bit.  That’s, admittedly, a good thing whenever we can keep the debate civil, which is most of the time.  Recently, one of those folks sent around a piece to 300 or so of his closest friends, of which I was privileged to be one, that just cries out for such a challenge.

It’s a post on a website called Mom’s Clean Air Force that focuses on ground-level ozone (that’s the bad stuff, while the ozone up there in the stratosphere is the good stuff) and, in the process, completely obfuscates the facts with respect to shale gas and its impact on air quality.

This post, written by Elena Craft of the Environmental Defense Fund (where the article is also posted), makes a number of assertions that seem very credible on first reading, until you check the sources and the documentation, which present a far different picture.  Let’s take the cited sources and links one by one:

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