Resnikoff Radon Rhetoric Reduced to Rubble

Readers of our blog will recall we have previously addressed Marvin Resinikoff’s rhetoric on the subject of radon connected with natural gas, finding his arguments so seriously flawed as to be laughable.  We also heard Resnikoff speak in Steuben County last year and were singularly unimpressed.  Yet, the guy keeps surfacing as a favorite expert of every anti-natural gas interest group out there.  I am a consultant, myself, and often joke about the qualifications, my favorite being “three right guesses in a row.”  What does it mean when you make three wrong guesses in a row?  Does that make someone an “anti-expert” or something along those lines?

Well, if so, Marvin Resnikoff has qualified.  He was wrong on radioactivity levels in the Marcellus Shale, wrong on his conversions radioactivity to radium readings and wrong in his assumptions regarding what this means for radon concentrations in the natural gas that goes into the pipeline.  He hit the trifecta, in other words, and apparently that’s exactly what our activist friends were looking for, because they keep him.  But, he keeps delivering – for our side.

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