Natural Gas Power Pays: Plant Will Pay $750,000 in Property Taxes

A single new 1,000 MW natural gas fueled power plant in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania will pay over $750,000 annually in property taxes. Call it a power pay.

As of September, the 1,000-megawatt Moxie Freedom Marcellus-fired power plant located near Wilkes-Barre, PA (Luzerne County) is up and running and feeding electricity it produces into the local power grid (see Moxie Freedom Marcellus-Fired Plant Near Wilkes-Barre Online). That means it’s now time to pay the piper–meaning it’s time to begin paying property taxes. And, it’s one heck of a power pay.

How does a county value such a facility, the first of its kind in the county? They hire a private firm to do it, at a cost of $50,000! (Yikes, we’re in the wrong business.) The valuation is now done, and the private firm reckons Moxie Freedom is worth $42.2 million. Which means the facility will pay $752,000 per year in property taxes to various governmental entities.

With the help of an outside expert, Luzerne County has valued the new Caithness Moxie Freedom Generating Station in Salem Township at $42.2 million, which makes it one of the top commercial assessments in the county.

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