New Feature: Compare your prices!

Now Pricing the Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Marcellus & Utica

Oil and gas industry pros have many resource advantages over royalty owners.  At ShaleCast, we are committed to changing that reality by leveraging data. And now, we are rolling out ShaleCast's "Price Compare" feature so royalty owners can benchmark their operators' prices.

How it works.  

ShaleCast members all over the US enter their pricing data as royalty statements arrive. We calculate average prices per play based on all the samples we receive. For every month you enter the prices paid to you ($ per mcf or bbl), you'll receive an email with the average prices paid overall. In other words, you give a little to get a LOT. And, just like our royalty forecasts, Price Compare is free too!

Find your well to get started...

Step 1: Find Your Well and Create a Free Account

Step 2: Enter your price detail

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