Out-of-State Organizers Train Pipeline Protesters in Tunnel Vision

Community organizers financed by elitist tools such as CCAN are training pipeline protesters to trust in tunnel vision and go extremist with their tactics.

Fractivists imagine their irrational concerns are the only ones that matter. That’s why they’re so easy to manipulate, organize and train to do stupid tricks. They have tunnel vision that makes them easier to herd. A couple of examples from Virginia serve to illustrate. One has to do with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the other is about the Montain Valley Pipeline, both of which have faced irrational opposition by a combination of fanatics and NIMBYs affected by this disease.

Interestingly, the news about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline comes via FrackFeed, a project of Texans for Natural Gas (which is a great site, by the way):

We hear it all the time from anti-pipeline activists. “This is about local people rising up and protecting the environment!” It’s really about  professional protesters flying in from out of state and trashing the place – and now the activists aren’t even hiding it.
In Virginia, a handful of True Believers are fighting the  Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which – if it’s not stopped immediately – runs the risk of creating over 17,000 construction jobs and generating $28 million per year in new local tax revenue.

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