Seeding Sovereignty: Millennial Ignorance and Arrogance

A group known as Seeding Sovereignty is a perfect demonstration of Millennial ignorance combined with an arrogance so stunning as to be almost unbelievable.

One of our especially astute readers sent me a copy of Tweet by a group known as Seeding Sovereignty. It’s apparently an organization catering to Millennials in an attempt to mobilize them for gentry class causes. One look at the video clip is enough to convey the unique blend of condescension and idiocy involved. Be sure to watch it.

Yes, watch the video in full. Notice the somber looks intended to convey seriousness from a group of spoiled kids too drunk on self-esteem to do anything worthwhile. Notice the arrogance and condescension. Notice the blinding ignorance as they repeat shibboleths spoon-fed to them by the likes of the lecherous Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who happens to sit on their board and “Millennial filmmaker” Lee Ziesche who served as the grassroots coordinator for the Gasland films.

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