What the Shale Revolution Wrought for the Forgotten Man

Comparing Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the SRBC region, with Wayne County, in the DRBC region, illustrates what the shale revolution has delivered.

No reader of this blog could possibly not appreciate the economic injustice of the Delaware River Basin Commission not permitting residents to benefit from the shale revolution the same way as folks in the Susquehanna River Basin. The cost of that injustice is measurable, though. I demonstrated some of this the other day by comparing Susquehanna County, Peensylvania with Delaware County, New York. Today, I am going to compare two counties in Pennsylvania; Bradford and Wayne. The shale revolution has delivered for Bradford as Wayne has stagnated at the hands of the DRBC.

All one has to do to see the trends is to generate the same charts I did for Susquehanna and Delaware Counties and a couple others. Let’s start with this new one depicting unemployment rates:

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