Sorry, DEP, But Your Environmental Justice Con Game Stinks

Like the word “stakeholder” the environmental justice con game is just another political tool for empowering special interests through proxies never given.

Every time I hear the phrase “environmental justice,” I want to scream “Where’s my damned justice?” The whole concept stinks. The basic theory is that “communities and populations should not be disproportionally exposed to adverse environmental impacts.” The fundamental premise is that “historically, minority and low-income Pennsylvanians have been forced to bear a disproportionate share of adverse environmental impacts.”

No proof of that is ever offered, of course, because it’s functionally impossible to isolate and quantify “adverse environmental impacts” relative to their impacts on particular populations. It isn’t that one can’t assemble numbers. That’s easy. The problems with the premise are three-fold and they’re being completely ignored as Pennsylvania blithely implements a politically correct environme....

First, one person’s environmental impact is another person’s livelihood in the form of a job. Those jobs are a real priority in minority and low-income communities. “Adverse,” therefore, is in the eye of the beholder.

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