We own mineral rights in Windham Township under 194.06 acres and have been talking to Talisman for over 6 months about leasing our rights and now we are in a holding pattern.  They have leased abutting land and most of the land surrounding ours yet are stalling on finalizing our lease.  We have a Bonus Money amount and Royalty amount agreed upon.  Budget concerns seem to be the Talisman position.  Now I read that Chesapeake is taking over Talisman leases in Litchfield Township which are in close proximity to our land.  Is the trend in this direction accurate?  We hear that Talisman is curtailing Bradford County exploration and focusing on Texas.  Anyone in Bradford County in the same position?   Can anyone confirm or deny the Chesapeake rumors?  Thanks, Milton

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Comment by Ann Ticopa on February 3, 2012 at 1:18am

I'm in NE Tioga County and recently checked Landex.com to see if there was recent Talisman activity ... not much.  Then checked Bradford County and found approximately 280 assignments from Talisman to Chesapeake and Statoil, mostly in Litchfield Twp, in Dec/Jan.   (Note that I didn't check every Talisman assignment to confirm that's what it was.)  

Talisman is active in Wells Twp, perhaps because they and SWEPI are committed to using the new Tioga County Extension of the Empire Pipeline, to Corning, NY.

And, yes, Talisman does have holdings in the Eagle-Ford. 

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