The Adam Diaz Success Story: Made Possible by the Shale Revolution

Adam Diaz talks about hard work, job creation and business growth, all thanks to the shale revolution, in Cabot’s Looking Back, Moving Forward series.

Coming from a family known county-wide for its strong work ethic, it’s little surprise that Adam Diaz had the foresight to diversify his assets to not only accommodate the various needs of the natural gas industry but to reinvest those profits into his existing businesses and buy up small companies on the verge of closing, making them stronger and securing their positions as gainful employers.

Adam recalls leaner times when there was little industry in Susquehanna County beyond farming, which was barely holding its own, timber management, and blue stone quarries. “You had jobs, but it was nothing sustaining that would keep you in the area,” Adam noted. He was even thinking of leaving.

Diaz Companies has since become a conglomerate of gas and oil businesses, disposal, hardwood sawmill, door manufacturing and property management facilities. Adam sees the steady growth and expansion of these businesses as a long-term investment in the community. “I know that my sons and daughter and those of my employees will be able to find work,” he stated.

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