The Massive Lobbying of Special Interest Fractivist Foundations

The Institute for Energy Research is assembling invaluable documentation of the massive grass-roots lobbying by special interest fractivist foundations.

We often use this blog to repost important articles authored by our friends at the Institute for Energy Research (IER). They put out a lot of material and it’s always well researched and presented, so we’re happy to pass along their information when it has a bearing on natural gas development. They’re now engaged, though, in a project off enormous importance that deserves special attention. It has to do with documenting what is the humongous amount of grass-roots lobbying (as the IRS defines it) by supposed charities. That lobbying by three special interest fractivist foundations has, in reality, no charitable purpose. Rather, it is aimed at fleecing taxpayers to finance a “green energy” corporatist venture in which the chief contributors are heavily invested.

The enterprise IER has taken upon itself is to create a database allowing fleeced taxpayers to follow the money. It’s a website database called Big Green, Inc. and it’s fabulous.

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