The Arrogant Spoiled Child Fractivists Purchased by America’s Elites

Inside Climate News is a Rockefeller outfit, financed by the family trust-funders to embolden spoiled child fractivists, their trespassing and their antics.

Inside Climate News was created by Rockefeller family shills with Rockefeller family money and it does their dirty work. Like Bill McKibben, another toady for the family, the folks at the on-line journal have a not-so-subtle fascination with trespassing, violence and other spoiled child fractivist antics.

An article last week by serial protester type Nicholas Kusnetz entitled “How Energy Companies and Allies Are Turning the Law Against Protesters” illustrates. It’s a 4,000+ word idolization of the attention-starved kids who never grew up and arrogantly demand the right to trespass on the land and rights of others under the theory they know it all and anyone who disagrees is both dumb and evil. They even got the ever politically correct Washington Post to run with a version.

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