Fallacious Dunce Josh Fox Goes to Planet Ithaca to Reboot

Failed film-maker, tin ear musician and hopelessly insecure and inept, part time lousy raconteur and full time liar, Josh Fox, has come up for air.

Josh Fox has apparently temporarily abandoned the stuffed animals, coloring books and hot chocolate in his mommy basement in an apparent attempt to fund his next trivial, ego stroking adventure. 

Hoping to go to the same well once again to bilk some cash out his equally vacuous and vapid sophomoric sycophants, the bespectacled buffoon ventured to the friendly confines of Planet Ithaca to pan for gold. It was, of course, the logical place to go, being the famous Park Foundation/Cornell University lode so well known for funding any effort to steal God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed property rights from the middle/working class plebeians they and he so despise.

So, the lying little geek took his nefarious schtick on the road once again. Was it enough? Having been reduced to an insignificant blight on the environmental activist scene after revealing himself to be a dunce at Standing Rock and in appearances on Fox News, he needed a boost and a big one.

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