The Delaware Riverkeeper’s Tinicum Township Trust-Funder Agenda

The Delaware Riverkeeper’s trust-funder agenda is on display again in Tinicum Township, Bucks County where the group seeks to ensure a sugar-daddy’s privacy.

R. Bruce Wallace, an artist and grandson of former Vice-President and Progressive Party Presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace. He’s a trust-funder. I wrote about him here last year. He and other family members inherited a big chunk of old Henry’s the socialist’s fortune made through capitalism. These trust-funders also established several foundations to spend some of that fortune on pet causes.

One of these is the Woodtiger Fund, which has over $60 million in assets. Bruce and his wife Susan, who live in Tinicum Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, appear to have given the Delaware Riverkeeper no less than $975,000, and probably much more, to ensure their personal privacy in a fight against public safety.

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