Amazon Corporate Welfare Yet Again Shows Upstate New York Is Invisible

The Amazon corporate welfare deal, engineered by Andrew Cuomo, yet again, shows Upstate New York is invisible to the governor who answers only to NYC voters.

Once again, Upstate New York will feel the pain, the tragedy, of four more years being under the thumb of Andrew Cuomo, perhaps America’s worst governor if you live outside New York City.

State politics are non-existent north of the five boroughs that compose the City of New York.  We just don’t matter in Upstate New York, and the dwindling population is reflective of that knowledge.

Amazon’s new location in Queens. Monument to corporate welfare?

As our taxes climb and continue to be the highest and most wasted in the country, we Upstaters are expected to sacrifice ever more to pay for off-shore wind projects designed to signal the Cuomo’s political correctness. They will, of course, achieve nothing but higher electric bills. Cuomo is spending $12.6 billion dollars of other people’s money—our money—on a clean energy lie and nuclear bailouts.

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