The Stark Raving Mad World of Environmental Extremism

The world of environmental extremism is an increasingly bizarre, upside down, stark, raving mad one where any semblance of reason is thrown to the wind.

The first speech I ever gave, way back in the 1960s, as part of an Future Farmers of America (FFA) regional high school speaking contest, was about conservation. That was the sensible term used then, before the first Earth Day when a bunch of young rich kids eager to signal their virtues took over and turned it into “environmentalism.” A few years later, now out of college and married with two children, I got a local award as “Environmentalist of the Year,” in fact, though I was still thinking conservation.

Ever so gradually, over the decades, what I once saw as a worthy cause has moved so far distant from what I believed then and now, that I can no longer bear to be called one (not that anyone’s trying.) The movement is still a bunch of of spoiled young rich kids (some grown old) and “environmentalism” has become environmental extremism. It has gone stark raving mad and loses ever more credibility daily.

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